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Elf Camp: New Roblex TDS Tower!

Hello. Today I will talk about the new tower in TDS, Elf Camp!

How To Get Elf Camp

So, you must enter these snow maps called Violent Night. There are 24 waves of new zombies, bosses, and other fun stuff. You must survive all 24 waves and beat the boss to get Elf Camp.

Rating Of Elf Camp

Well, I don’t have it yet because it’s so new, but what I’ve heard from other players who have it, it’s a 7/10.

I don’t know really what it does but I’m guessing it’s like a military base. I recommend having Accelorater or an event tower for this because it’s very hard.

Tips And Tricks

.1 always bring a powerful tower which can include: Acellorater, engineer, ranger, and event towers.

.2 DO NOT bring the tower farm. Because for two reasons. The reason number 1. is that there are too many

zombies and bosses coming at you so it’s hard to farm in peace while an 8,000-hp boss comes. reason number 2. you don’t need to, but is very recommended to buy plots. You’d think they’re a waste of money but they’re not. (at least not in this map.) they give you money and life every 30 seconds which is the best!!! bye, bye farms!

3. bring cheap mid-damage towers for the early game like a warden, golden scout, and shotgunner.

4. try to play with only 3 people including you so just in case a noob joins it and places scouts all around ruining your gameplan.

5. That’s all for today’s post! see you next time! (maybe with a quiz?)

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