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Firework Simulator

There’s a game called Firework Simulator and here I will tell you everything about this game.

How to play

1st. Spawn in the game and click on the fireworks and wait until it breaks. When it breaks, you will get some money.

2. When you get money, go to the shop and save up to get swords and pets.

3. Save up your money to unlock new zones. Zone after zone, the fireworks will get stronger and stronger so buy a really good sword before going to the next zone.


Pets can increase the money you get from breaking fireworks and increases the number of gems you get from every gem you break.

How to get money fast

1st. You need to grind as much as you can and you can get A LOT of money.

2. In certain zones, There are these giant rockets. They can give you A LOT of money so get your friends to help you destroy it over and over then you can get A LOT of money.

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