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Hide and Seek in Roblox

Hide and seek is a really fun game and I think that you guys would like it.

A bit about Hide and Seek

There is a hider team and a seeker team. The seeker team tries to find and tag the hiders to win.

The hider team has to survive/not get found by a seeker and you only have to survive for a certain amount of time. When your team makes it without getting found the seeker team wins!.

Hider team

The goal is to not get caught until the timer ends.

Some Hide and Seek games have power boasters and they give special boasts that can help you win.

Seeker team

The goal is to find all the seekers and then you win.


I think that this game and any games like this are really fun (in my opinion) ok I hope you enjoy this game!.

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