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How To Make A Scratch Platformer

Hello. Today I will talk about how to make a platformer using the all-known Scratch!

To Start

First of all, you MUST drag a when flag-clicked block into the coding area.

then, add a Forever loop block and an If Then block into the when flag-clicked.
Walking. (easy version.)

With the flag block and the other two blocks, drag a Key pressed block ( which is light blue.) into the If Then block. Then, add another If Then block below the first one. Like this:

Then change the space piece to the Left arrow and copy and paste that block to the other If Then block. Like This.
but for the second If Then block change it to Right Arrow instead.

Then inside of each If Then block, add a Change X By block into each of them.

Now, try pressing the green flag and try pressing the 2 keys!

If it doesn’t work, just message me!

Walking. (Harder.)

Now we will talk about the harder version of walking

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