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How to Play Minecraft

Hi, I know this is called Top Roblox Tips but I will have a Roblox section and a Minecraft section.

Minecraft costs $27 to buy. When you have the game, you go in and you will pop up in a loading screen for 1-2 minutes. After you can choose Survival or Creative mode.

Single Player

If you choose Survival mode, you will have to survive from monsters and you have hearts. If you lose all your hearts you die and reset.

If you choose Creative mode, you will be in a monster-free world. You have infinite health which means you can never die. My favorite mode is Creative because I can build my own house and not die from monsters.

Multi Player

Some people don’t like those modes but there is something called Servers. You can join a server by pressing the join button and boom you are in the game. You have to wait for about 30 seconds or less for to join. There are 7 servers. My favorite server is called Mineplex. You might have a different favourite server. Every server has different games and levels to play.

Holiday Events

There are special events for the holidays. including Christmas, Halloween, Easter and Thanksgiving. Each holiday event reveals new games for you to play. But they are only there for a limited time before they go away sadly.

Some of the events cost money, which is like Robux but they are called Minecoins. Minecoins are your money in Minecraft and you can use them within Minecraft servers. Some items and games in the servers cost Minecoins.


There’s something called Realms in Minecraft which is kind of like a private server you can invite your friends to. There’s a free trial for a couple of weeks. After the free trial, it automatically takes money from your wallet. Watch out. It can be difficult to cancel a subscription. I tried to get rid of the payment and it took about 30 minutes to figure out exactly where to go to stop the payment. Realms can make a server that 10 or fewer people can join.

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