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How to Play Roblox MadCity

This is the guide to know how to play MadCity. You load into the game and then you can choose what you want to be: a policeman or a Hero or a Prisoner. You can play and save the world and protect the jail from any bad guys trying to leave the jail.

This game is pretty much a free for all because there are only a couple of rules and you can fly/run across the city and arrest bad guys and put back in max prison Villains. Policemen can only arrest Bad guys, not villains.

How do the Heroes put the Villains in Jail in MadCity?

The Heroes destroy the Villain then they get sent all the way back to Jail.

I hope you guys like this game because I enjoy it a lot but I have one last thing. MadCity is pretty much a copy of JailBreak so if you like JailBreak I think you will like this game a lot.

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