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Roblox Tower Hero: More Tips for Noobs

There are 3 towers you can get on Halloween, Easter, and Christmas. On one of those seasons, you can get the OP tower in the shop. I don’t know how much it costs, but they are OP. I have 2 of the OP towers. I bought both with Robux and I explained how to buy them in the first Roblox tips post.

However, during Halloween, there is a way to get the OP tower without buying Robux. Join Roblox Tower Heroes and earn coins then save up until you have enough. My friend and I have the Halloween tower. It’s so cool and OP. Go on Roblox and earn the tower!

At Christmas, which is coming up soon, there will be a Christmas tower. It is also OP and cool.

The Easter tower is OP too. You can get OP towers with coins during the special seasons or, if you’re impatient, you can spend real money to buy Robux to get them now. I bought 2 OP towers with Robux.

Let’s see if you can get all the OP towers before I can. That can be a little goal for you. I will tell you when I have all of them. Let’s see if you can get them before 2023.

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