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Roblox Tower Heroes Tips

So I will tell you some Roblox tips okay. In a game called Tower Heroes, you will need to beat castle town to get the slime king in the shop. Then you keep on playing castle town to get Slime King in the shop. Then you get the lemonade cat and more stuff.

So about Tower Heroes, you should try to get the Slime King first. Then you start to get more and more towers. Some are hard to get but you should try to get a tower called Odd Port. It is very hard to get but it is possible. I am only level 24 and I have Odd Port so you can get it at a low level and a high level too.

When you have it you can get more towers, better towers, beat the game, and beat all the maps.

If you want to have really OP towers there is something called Robux. You have to buy it though, it is not free. There are towers that cost 500 Robux. You buy Robux and get it then, or you wait for Easter, Christmas, or Halloween and you can buy them in the shop for, I don’t know because I don’t have those towers yet. Halloween is coming for me and Christmas so I can get 2 out of 3 of the towers. Not bad, and the Halloween tower’s name is called Heyes.

Here’s a tip. Put down attack towers 1st, then you put down defense towers. You can start upgrading the towers too as much as you can. Then, when you beat bosses you get good loot. You can use the loot to buy stuff like new towers and skins. Fact about the game: skins are useless because they don’t help you at all. They just look cool. If you guys did not know that, now you know.

You can get better towers and put cool skins on them later. If you are a pro then you should put skins on the OP towers that you have to make them look cool. You can get OP towers even if you are a noob. You can get OP towers like a tower that cost 500 Robux. I have one and soon, I will get both of the OP towers.

There are easy maps for noobs like me. I am level 24 but I still got Odd Port. You guys know that he is really good, but really hard to get. Start off easy with ok towers, then you work your way up to get Odd Port and more OP towers. You can get Odd Port at a low level, or a really high level. Odd Port is in the middle, it’s not really hard and not really easy.

Please, if you have Roblox please play this nice and cool, really fun game. That’s it for this one, see you on the next post and this is it for Tower Heroes.

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