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TDS Engineer

Hello. I will be talking about the stats of the Engineer tower.

Cost in the shop: 4,500 gems

I rate it 7/10.

Level 0

Damage: 3. (1 for Sentry)

Damage Type: single attack.

Range: 14. (18 for Sentry)

Hidden Detection: gains at level 2. and gains flying Detection

Level 1. (Precise Calculations) $350

Only Changes: +2 damage and +1 range.

Level 2. (Makeshift Rader) $400

Only Changes: +1 range, +Hidden Detection, +Flying Detection.

Level 3 (Auto Converter)$ 1,600

Only Changes: +3 damage, 2.008- 1.808 fire rate. Spawns Rifle Sentry. Stats for Rifle Sentry: +2 damage, + 0.258 Firerate

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