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TDS New Update! 2022

Hello. Today I will talk about TDS and its new update.

First of all, I was late to the update so I’m not 100% sure of what I’m about to tell you.

  • There’s a brand new sorta good tower named Warden. ( if you didn’t know)
  • There’s a new map called Pizza Party.
  • There are some new maps I don’t know!
  • And I’m pretty sure they fixed some bugs.


Warden is a good early/mid/late game tower. So it’s good for most of the game. But it’s pretty pricey for the upgrades. It does 80 DP at max and stuns enemies every 3rd hit and has stun immunity at max.

costs $500 in-game and deals 5 DP. I thankfully have it so I can talk about it more with you.

I rate it 7.6/10 because it’s overall a really good tower but just isn’t good for a bunch of normal zombies because it only hits one at a time. But DP is 8.8/10 because it does 80 DP each hit with is really good but isn’t as strong as Accelerator.

Pizza Party

Pizza Party is a brand new map I hope will be permanent. It’s an arcade with a little kid place and a ball pit and arcade games and etc. I rate this map 6/10 because it’s just not really good for speed runs and level grinding and the enemies are pretty hard.

Enemies And Levels

The enemies are pretty unique. There’s zombie scout, cooler zombie names and looks, and even more zombie versions of towers.

Level grinding in this map is 10/10. You get like 100xp if you can beat wave 15 I think but even if I’m wrong about getting 100xp at wave 15 you get SO MUCH. Want to get Pursuit but need to grind fast? go to Pizza Party.


Thank you for reading today’s post. I know it’s short but it’s because I was late to the event and there’s not much.

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