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TDS Turret

Hello. Today I will talk about the Turret tower.

How To Get Turret

You have to be level 50 to get this tower.

Cost In game: $4,000

Base Damage: 6

Base Firerate: 0.508

Base Range: 16

Hidden Detection: Level 3+

Lead Penetration And Flying Detection: N/A

Level One (Radar) $500

Only Changes: +2 Range.

Level Two (Stronger Ammunition) $2,000

Only Changes: +1 Range, +7 Damage.

Level Three (Dual Turret) $5,000

Only Changes +2 Range, 0.508 to 0.383 Firerate, Hidden Detection.

Level Four (Even Heavier Ammo) $12,500

Only Changes: +3 Range, 0.383 To 0.208 Firerate.

Level Five (Double Barrel Minigun) $20,000

Only Changes: +2 Range, +12 Damage.


I hope you enjoyed this post. Here’s an image of Turret.

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