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Washiez Car Wash in Roblox

Hello. Today I will be talking about the pretty fun car wash game called Washiez. I will explain how to play and more.

How To Play

First, you must join Washiez.

Then, walk to the little button that says Spawn A Car. Choose the first one if you are new to the game. Then go to the parking lots and look for your car. When you are in your car, start driving to the gates. You have to wait for a little until the workers let you through. Then go to one of the lines and choose your type of car wash. After your pass the line then you’ll probably be in chaos with people trolling and people who got flipped over, etc. I usually just ragequit before I get a carwash so I don’t know the ending.


Jobs are important. They make the carwash run and stuff. You probably want a job right? if yes then listen to this section. If you want a job you first have to go to the application center. When you’ve joined it will take a little to start but when it starts you will be asked some questions. After, you will either become a trainee or fail. When you become a trainee you will have access to the gates you’d normally go into. I forgot to mention, you have to join the group.


I’m not a pro because I literally just started playing Washiez yesterday so I’m not really good at this stuff. But all I know about ranks is that there really cool and you have to play Robux.


After you’ve passed your test, you can start working at Washiez. But you probably don’t know how to do it. So you must join training sessions at Training Center. I’ve never joined one but I will soon.

This is it. (:

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