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Trick That Can Trick Your Brain!

Needed: a friend/family member, pencils, and maybe a calutar? piece of paper.
How to start: on the piece of paper, write down any 3-digit number. ( DO NOT use digit 0.)

example: 543

Then, ask your friend/family member to use the same 3-digit number in another order.

example: 345

Then ask your friend/family member to minus the original number with the mixed-up number.

example: 543

– 345 = 198.

Also, you don’t know about the mixed-up number. ( or else it will ruin it.)
Then, ask your friend/family member to tell you 2 of the numbers in

the number you got from minusing. example: 1,9.

then you minus one of them and then you get the answer. example: 9-1 = 8. 198.

It works every time!

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