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How To Make A Platformer On Scratch

Hello. Today I will explain how to move around, jump, make levels, and make an awesome title screen.

Walking (Easy)

First, you always need a green flag.

Then, make a Forever block and an If Then block.
Then, drag a ” Key left Arrow pressed? ” into the If then block.
Then, drag a ” Change X by ” block, and inside the white part of the block type -5 into it.
Now, copy the If Then block with the Key left Arrow pressed. block and Change X by -5 block below. But, change the Key Left Arrow Pressed? block into Key Right Arrow pressed? and change the ” Change X by -5 ” to 5.
Now your sprite should be able to move left and right!

Walking (Harder.)

Okay, now it’s time for a harder but more smother way to walk.

First, green flag.

Then, get Key Left Arrow Pressed? and Key Right Arrow Pressed? and 2 If then blocks. But, no Change X by block. Instead, go to the Variables and make 2 new Variables called X Velocity and Y Velocity.

And, if your lost here’s a image of your prograss:
Then, Make 2 X Velocity blocks, ( Change X Velocity by. NOT Set X Velocity by.) and put them into the If Then blocks.
Now click on the white part of the X Velocity block and change the number to 1 on the left arrow pressed and -1
on the right arrow pressed.
Then, add the following:
then, it should work and you will move much better!


First of all, green flag, then make a forever, and a If Then block into the forever loop. Like this

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