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T.D.S (Tower Defence Simulator) Tips

Hello. I And my friend love this game and are at a high level and we want to help you.


1. If you are 100% new to the game this is for you.

1.5. If you are trying to get to a high level quickly if your friend is really good at T.D.S, Ask him/her to help you with beating some maps to grind coins and levels. 1.8. Try finding overpowered people in the T.D.S to also grind high levels.

2. If you want to get towers either named ” Accelerator” or “Engineer” Read this part.

2.5. You need to be either level 50 for Accelerator or if you want Engineer, you have to be level 60.

2.8. You Have to get these gems with can be untamable unless you are level 50. To get gems, you have to beat hardcore mode.

3. Want towers that you want to get unless you’re at a certain level? go to the shop and click on the tower you want to buy. (Mortar, Crook Boss, Pursuit, and Turret. etc.)

4. Want towers like Sniper, Freezer, Hunter, etc. You have to join matches and get coins to but those types of towers.

5. Want event towers like Commando, Sledger, etc. Sadly, you can not get them unless you were in the event. Sorry.

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