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TDS Accelerator Tower

Hello. I will show you the Accelerator stats for each level in this post.

Fyi: Accelerator cost 3,500$

Costs: 2,500 gems.

Level 0

Damage: 7-10 damage Damage Type: Burst

Fire rate: 0.208

range: 12

hidden detection: Yes

flying detection: N/A

Level 1 – $600 (Focused Aiming)

Only change: range +3

Level 2 -$1,200 (Extra Juice)

The only change: is 4 to 6.5 burst time.

Level 3 – $3,200 (Power House Armor)

Only change: damage+6

Level 4 – $9,500 (Super Charged)

The only changes: is range +3. 0.208 to 0.108 Tick.

Level 5 – $ 25,000 (Energy From The Void)

The only changes: are range +2, damage +9, 0.108 to 0.058 Tick, 4-2 Charge up time, 6.5- 12 Burst Time.


This Is the ending! here’s an image of Accelerator.

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